Main features and functionalities

Main features and functionalities

Process automation

Price adjustments

OnSite 365 provides a flexible adjustment module. The module provides:

  • Multiple adjustment types (index, pricelist, percentage, adhoc, budget etc.)
  • Multi contract and company adjustment update
  • Flexible based on parameters in contract and setup
  • Adjustment setup based on lease category
  • Adjustment overview prior update and rollback possibility

Invoice and payment processing

OnSite 365 provides a flexible periodic invoicing of contract. The module provides:  

  • Invoices based on contracts
  • Invoice types: customer, vendor and internal
  • Invoice schedule before posting
  • Multi company customer invoice

Settlement of common cost

The settlement of common cost module is rich and flexible to calculate and invoice common cost. The module provides:

  • Registered cost per building settled across contracts
  • Flexible distribution of common cost
  • Multi company process

Advanced VAT handling  

The VAT module in OnSite 365 is calculating deductible VAT based on the usage of areas. The module supports:

  • Calculates VAT ratio per building
  • VAT adjustment for long term projects
  • Multi company functionality

Multi company functionality

OnSite 365 provides multi company functionality in all of the modules. The functionality provides:

  • Periodic routines cross company such as invoicing, VAT calculation, Common cost etc.
  • Possible to generate and post journals cross company.
  • Company lists as filter
  • Cross company overviews and enquiries and reports.
  • Cross company workspaces.
  • Multi company setup and configuration.

Better overview

Key figure calculations

OnSite 365 provides Key figure calculations to give a good overview:

  • Contract expected income
  • Available rental objects
  • Calculation of common area
  • Market price comparison

Common cost overview

OnSite 365 provides an overview of common cost calculations to make the routines efficient. Based on invoiced amounts, posted cost in general ledger, and area usage OnSite 365 supports: 

  • Common area ratio
  • Overview of settlement cost before/after posting
  • Customer report with settlement information
  • Multi company functionality

Property/building overview

The property is built up in a hierarchy from ground, building, section and zone. Information can be inherited. In each level information about the property can be added for informational and reporting purposes. Parcel is an outdoor area.

  • Area management
  • View building hierarchy
  • View building as drawing
  • Detailed Information about the property

Lease object overview

Lease objects can be one or more zones and they are the rental parts of the building. A lease object can be just one item, a building or a flat, but it may as well be an apartment with a part of a common area (e.g. laundry room, a groundfloor entrance, a storage room and heat and electricity included. The term lease object is the part that is going to be leased.

  • Overview of vacant lease objects
  • Matching vacant property and clients
  • Maintain lease object historical information

Contract administration

The contract connects the lessee with the lease object(s) and keeps record with the lease period and then the contract is used to generate periodic invoices. Contract is built up with contract header, contract lines and the contract lines can even have multiple lines with different prices.

  • Multiple contract types
  • Monitoring expiring contracts
  • Guarantees management
  • Option management

Everything in one place

OnSite 365 on top of Microsoft 365 Platform

OnSite 365 is integrated and built on top of the Microsoft Platform and utilizes:

  • Micorsoft ISV Solution available on Microsoft AppSource
  • Cloud based solution on Microsoft Azure
  • Built on top of Dynamics 365 Finance 
  • Connectivity with Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service

Budgeting/project module

OnSite 365 is connected to standard modules in Dynamics 365 and pushes calculations to:

  • Budgeting module in Dynamics 365 Finance
  • The Powerful Project module in D365 Finance
  • Tax moduleBoth connected to building and contracts

Drawing module

To make the registration of areas efficient, OnSite 365 is integrated with a drawing module. This provides:

  • Area creation with drawing
  • Building overview with floor map
  • Information of usage and contracts on floor map


OnSite 365 is utilizing D365 standard document handling. This provides the possibility to connect document to lease objects, buildings, and contracts.

Power Bi

By utilizing the D365 platform OnSite 365 provides aggregated measurements and the possibility for the customer to create Power BI reports such as:

  • Search available lease object APP
  • Contract lifetime revenue reportBuilding revenue report

Multi language/currency

OnSite 365 supports country specific requirements and language.

  • OnSite 365 available in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English
  • Powerful currency handling within D365 Finance
  • Localization
  • Flexible configuration